Athénée Royal de Rixensart Belgium

Art Matters

Erasmus+ K229

Poland, Dąbrowa Górnicza

Zespół Szkół Plastycznych

Italy, Savona

Liceo Chiabrera Martini


Spain, Badajoz



"Art Matters"


Our project intends to be a creative initiative from artistic secondary schools, which working together want to contribute to a transnational dialogue. 

The creation of art pieces is the appreciation and recognition of the cultural heritage of our cities and of our regions. Schools implicated come from Spain, Poland, Italy and Belgium.

We are using different techniques (the ones most suitable for each school: drawing, painting, photography, ceramic, sculpture, screen-printing ...)

Discussions will follow about how these places (our cultural heritage) are affected by different damaging agents (weather, global warming, abandonment, conflict, renovations...)

Considering these reflections, students represent these thoughts in new art pieces. 

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